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Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the city of the arts and innovation, is known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes. However, the city’s climate and geography can sometimes make it prone to water damage. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of water damage restoration, give you an overview of the industry in Winston-Salem, and introduce you to the top 4 water damage restoration companies in the area. The goal is to help you make an informed decision when facing water damage issues.

Water Damage Restoration Services Explained

Water damage can cause significant issues in your home, so it is important to address them promptly. Water damage restoration refers to cleaning, repairing, and restoring a property affected by water damage. Here is a brief explanation of the various services offered by restoration companies in Winston-Salem:
  • Water damage repair: Fixing the damages caused by water to properties, including walls, flooring, and ceilings.
  • Flood damage restoration: Addressing the consequences of floods and implementing solutions to avoid more significant damages and mold growth.
  • Emergency water removal: Promptly extracting water in emergencies like burst pipes, sewage backup, or flooding.
  • Water extraction: Removing standing water using specialized equipment to minimize damages.
  • Water damage cleanup: Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas to ensure a healthy environment.
  • Structural drying: Ensuring all materials and structures are adequately dried to prevent potential mold and mildew growth.
  • Mold remediation: Identifying, removing, and preventing mold growth caused by water damage.
  • Storm damage repair: Addressing damages caused by storms, including wind damage, fallen trees, and water intrusion.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Winston-Salem

Various factors can cause water damage to properties in Winston-Salem. Some of the most common causes include:
  • Heavy rainfall and storms: With Winston-Salem’s humid subtropical climate, rainfalls can lead to flooding and water damage.
  • Plumbing issues: Leaky pipes, clogged drains, or faulty water heaters can cause water damage in your home.
  • Appliance malfunctions: Dishwashers, washing machines, or refrigerators suffering from malfunctions can result in water leaks and damages.
  • Burst pipes: When freezing outside, pipes can burst, corrode, or increase water pressure, damaging water.
  • Sewage backup: Blockages in sewer lines can cause a backup into your home, resulting in water damage and potential health hazards.
  • Foundation cracks: Water can seep into your home through cracks in the foundation, causing damage to the structure and your belongings.

Top 4 Water Damage Restoration Companies in Winston-Salem

The following list includes 4 of the best water damage restoration companies in Winston-Salem. They’re known for their excellent services and customer satisfaction. 
  1. Restoration 1 of Winston-Salem | (336) 477-2498
  2. Camel City Restoration LLC | (336) 331-5265
  3. SERVPRO of Winston Salem North | (336) 744-5104
  4. 911 Restoration of Triad | (336) 579-2501

How to Choose the Right Company to Fix Water Damage

Choosing the best company to fix water damage can make a big difference in the quality and speed of the repairs. Here are some things to think about as you decide:
  • Certified technicians: Look for companies with technicians certified by reputable organizations like the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification).
  • Emergency response time: Choose a company that offers 24/7 emergency services and quickly responds to your needs.
  • Range of services offered: Select a company that can handle various water damage restoration services, including mold remediation and storm damage repair, to ensure they can address all your needs.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials: Look at customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s reputation and the satisfaction of their previous clients.
  • Insurance claim assistance: A company that can help you navigate the claims process can save you considerable time and stress.

The Importance of Water Damage Prevention

Preventing water damage is crucial, saving you time, money, and stress in the long run. Here are a few preventive measures you can adopt to minimize the risk of water damage in your Winston-Salem home:
  • Regular maintenance and inspection of plumbing systems: Regularly check your home’s plumbing system for potential issues like leaks, corrosion, and worn-out components. Fix or replace problematic parts to avoid malfunctions and water damage.
  • Proper sealing of doors and windows: Ensure your windows and doors are adequately sealed to prevent water intrusion during heavy rainfall and storms.
  • Sump pump installation: Installing a sump pump can help remove excess water in your basement, preventing flooding and water damage.
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your gutters to ensure proper drainage during storms, which can help to prevent water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation.
  • Flood prevention landscaping: Adopting proper landscaping techniques can help direct water away from your home’s foundation, reducing the risk of water damage.

Understanding Insurance Claims for Water Damage

Handling insurance claims for water damage can be a complex process. Here’s some information to help you understand what’s involved:
  • Types of water damage covered by insurance: Typically, homeowners’ insurance covers damage that happens suddenly or by accident, like burst pipes, water heater malfunctions, and storm damage. However, damage from lack of maintenance or floods might not be covered. Always review your policy to understand your coverage.
  • Steps to take following water damage: Before filing a claim, promptly document the damage by taking photos and videos. Then, contact your insurance agent to guide you through the claim process. Begin water damage cleanup and restoration as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Documentation and evidence needed for claims: Keep all relevant documents, such as receipts for damaged items, repair estimates, and photos, as your insurer may request these during the claim process.
  • Tips for a successful claim process: Keep detailed records and communicate openly with your insurance agent. Hire a reputable water damage restoration company to ensure professional repairs and restoration.


Dealing with water damage in your Winston-Salem home can be frustrating and daunting, but knowing the essential aspects of restoration services and the top companies in the area can make a huge difference. We hope this article provided valuable insights and guidance on restoring water damage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 
Always prioritize preventive measures because, in the long run, they can save you time and money. However, if water damage does occur, don’t hesitate to contact one of the top water damage restoration companies and get your home back in top shape as soon as possible.

Our mission is to provide homeowners and businesses with all the necessary information and reliable, professional services to tackle water damage efficiently and effectively.

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